From the Booth: Episode 3 Part 1 – Night of Worship 5/28/2018

Welcome to our special From the Booth series that is in two parts. In addition to the video this time I’m going to be going through board layout and on board FX setups in part 2 next week. My hope for this two part “From the Booth” miniseries is to finally show a bit more of what is going on in the console and how I do what I do for this event. Not going to dig into Waves just yet because I want to be sure to keep this stuff universal to any console. Don’t worry, Waves is coming, just not yet. This post will let you see and watch the event and next week I’ll dig into board layout and operation. I took out our Senior Pastor’s closing segment but left our teaching pastor’s worship focus in there because it shows some speaking to listen to and how we transition in and out of speaking portions. Also, Clayton has some great things to say about worship.

Here are the particulars for this recording:

  1. This recording is from our Night of Worship that occurred just a few weeks ago. This is a mixture of staff and volunteers and an awesome volunteer choir.
    The audio you hear is from the broadcast mix of the FOH console. This mix is built from my master bus with the FX turned down just a bit to help them sit better in a studio environment and that’s it. It’s not a perfect mix for broadcast but it does a good job at translating a mix designed for an auditorium down to a mix suitable for personal viewing.
  2. You will see 4 videos in a matrix. The top left video is my Smaart machine. The green is real-time, the orange is a 10 sec average of the real time, the red (if you even see it) is what is coming out of the console (you’ll typically only see if there is an issue with our gear which I don’t believe there was). The SPL number is 1 minute average which is how we measure the services. The top right is the broadcast video feed. Bottom left is a camera showing what I’m doing. The bottom right is basically what I see, that camera is looking over my shoulder.
  3. This is a Night of Worship so our SPL levels are a bit higher than normal but still fit within our church’s guidelines. While I do monitor this level, I’m not actively looking at it so much as the RTA during this event. Remember, it’s important to mix with your ears first, your eyes second.
  4. Here is the general layout of the SSL L500+ that I’m operating. Top left bank of faders generally sits on my drum inputs and drum FX feeds and can access my mixed outputs if need be. The Left bank at my waist (left hand) is used for instruments and tracks and access my main outputs and groups if I need to check on something or make an adjustment. The bank in front of me (right hand) is almost always on the VOX page of the console which also has my VCAs which allows me to quickly make larger mix changes. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments if you’d like to know more.
  5. There is a Waves SoundGrid running, look for future posts regarding how we use that.
  6. Song names are listed on the youtube page and all credit goes to the band for the performance, the song authors, and to God for allowing me to work with such a great team.

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