Studio.Stage.Live. Update!

Hello everyone. Unfortunately this isn’t the post you’ve been looking for. I have decided due to some personal circumstances, craziness at work due to COVID, and just a need to take a break through the holidays. I’m not sure how long this sabbatical will go but I can promise that I will be back and that Studio.Stage.Live! isn’t going anywhere. I will be back!

In the mean time, don’t neglect learning and growing. Beyond looking back at older posts be sure to keep on the lookout for what industry vendors are doing. Many of them, due to the pandemic and the lack of conferences where this training would usually occur have started doing webinars or posting videos. Keep up with those. Waves is doing an especially good job at this. Just like with my content, be sure to contextualize what anyone is teaching into your space, don’t just carbon copy that method.

I’m also still available via email ( if you have a need for another opinion on something. I’ve enjoyed catching up with some of you over the last few months and would love to meet more of you all. Until next time, happy mixing!

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